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Virtual Samples

“Players that have implemented 3D design and virtual samples report reductions of two weeks or more in the sampling process and often a 50 percent reduction in the number of samples needed and the cost involved.”

- McKinsey Apparel CPO Survey. 2017

Let the experts take care of it.

To maintain competitiveness, fashion apparel brands are under increasing pressure to produce virtual sampling deliverables better, quicker and more cost-effectively. To meet these demands, PixelPool’s team of dedicated production experts develops high-quality digital visualizations that turbocharge process quality and efficiency.

Based on our unique experience in the retail industry, our virtual sample service has quickly become established as a go-to solution for designers, visual merchandisers and sales teams that want to improve performance and move into the fast lane.

Pricing per SKU

based on re-use of existing silhouettes


One time fee for creation of unique silhouette, $600.

Fast turn-around times
High capacity to produce your entire seasonal collection
Various detail and quality levels in order to meet your exact needs
Create Digital Samples From Any Kind Of Input

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