What services that PixelPool offers, can be used by clothing brands today?

PixelPool provides digital production support to design teams. This can vary from offering technical support to our clients production and design teams, towards complete outsourcing of their digital production of samples by handing them to PixelPool’s dedicated internal digital sample production teams.
Besides the production support for Digital Samples we offer a web based platform called Dtail to manage these Digital Samples. The platform offers solutions for your teams to collaborate on Store and Range Planning and Visual Merchandising. Besides that Dtail offers a 3D Digital Showroom component that facilitates the B2B Sell-In processes.
With the Digital Showroom, Dtail eliminates the need for physical showrooms and physical products for sales meetings by using a rich and immersive 3D virtual store environment that can hold all your collections in the way you want to present them to your buyers.

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