What company goals, long and short term, can be realized by using PixelPool’s services?

Shorter lead times, quicker decision making and faster time-to-market are all benefits derived from using 3D in your end-to-end process. Making you reach goals like: higher quality garments, getting your product to your consumers faster and higher customer satisfaction. Since your designers can spend more time on their designs and less time waiting on physical test samples, your garment quality will go up. Because your time-to-market has decreased, you can play into consumer sentiment and trends more easily and rapidly. This will increase levels of satisfaction amongst your consumers and eliminates the risk of being stuck with inventory. No more being stuck with thick coats when we have a mild winter, or t-shirts when spring takes a little longer to show up.

A more long term goal for most companies is sustainability. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and we are all responsible for the impact it has on our planet. Replacing physical samples with digital ones has such a big impact on reducing waste of fabrics, chemicals and reducing the amount of C02 produced.

Have a look at our virtual samples page to see how much we saved

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