How much work can be outsourced when switching to a digital workflow?

All digital efforts can be outsourced. It’s just a matter of what works best for your company or brand. When you first start out adopting 3D, we are able to help you through consulting and outsourcing. PixelPool has a dedicated office, filled with experienced 3D artist, that can take on large collections. Like we do for the worlds biggest sports retailer. We are also able to assist in your 3D production efforts.

We have learned that both is possible. We have been working with companies that have a strong believe that the full benefit of digital can only be achieved if you fully adopt it throughout the full life cycle of their products. Where other companies choose to move faster and use it only for specific processes and have their Digital Sample production outsourced to companies like ours. The first option will ask for a way bigger commitment but will pay out more for the long run.

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