The Wrecking Crew of Design

I’d like to start this blog with an article I wrote a while ago on Linkedin. It holds the essence of what we do and why we can be a great asset to many designers or design companies:

You might all have heard of the ‘Wrecking Crew’, a group of session musicians who played the instruments on basically every rock-and-roll song that came out of an L.A. recording studio between 1962 and 1972. Instead of the actual group members these guys (and a girl) played all the instruments on many albums of the Beach Boys, the Mamas and the Papas, the Byrds, the Monkees and a lot of other popular groups of that time.

They were never mentioned on the album covers.

Although we are in a totally different line of business, we do the same: We don’t write the song (we don’t design), but make sure you impress your audience. Whether this is your client or your superior: we make the best recording of your ideas.

There are more similarities: you could record your design yourself, or have someone in your office give it a shot, but the thing is: we are used to doing only this, and nothing else. We touch over 500 designs a year (every day is ‘deadline’ day), and are familiar to work with a basic melody and some chords. (We’ll add that special drum-fill or guitar-lick that your band wouldn’t have come up with).

We play every instrument: our band consists of masters in industrial design and architecture, game-developers, painters, photographers and sculptors (and even someone who is actually a musician ?

We are fast, flexible, work 24/7 and are extremely dedicated, and yes, we are probably more expensive than your own band.

But hey, do you want a #1 hit or not?

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