Interactive Tools

“The old model of guessing eight to nine months in advance what the consumer might want isn’t going to work anymore”.

-Dick Johnson, CEO and president of Foot Locker

PixelPool is the industry's leading expert in creating custom interactive virtual retail spaces. Retail- and product designers, visual merchandisers and sales managers are able to work together to drive business forward. As a result, you will be able to cut down on production costs and drastically speed up the communication process.

Support your sales pitch with important business metrics, and see how an assortment would translate to a shop-in-shop on the other side of the world. You can even let your clients walk through the virtual environment. Our interactive tools provide you with several advantages in the competative retail industry.

Current stand alone version includes:

  • Fully 3D
  • Touch Screen Compatible
  • Interactive Visual Merchandising (drag & drop)
  • Garment Filter System
  • Save/Load Bookmarked configurations
  • Interactive Retail Space mockup (drag & drop)
  • Capacity and Financial Data sheet
  • Automated Planogram Creation
  • Product Information
  • Virtual Store Walkthrough

In development:

  • Web based (including multi-user in same store environment)
  • Cloud product library
  • Basic 3D library with color blocking tool
  • Compatibility with Browzwear
  • Compatibility with 2D artwork (product photos / line-art)
  • Flexible data table
  • Data analysis (AI)

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