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Experience, high quality standards and our ability to take on the world’s largest collections. These qualities make PixelPool the ideal one-stop-shop for all your 3D retail visualization endeavors. We are able to create store concepts, buildings and complete environments. Helping you communicate and sell, more efficiently and cost effectively.

See how Levi's uses PixelPool's 3D retail visualizations to design and execute their stores.


We are able to produce collections containing thousands of garments, in the highest possible quality.


We offer a wide range of solutions, from turntable renders to complete walkthroughs and cinematic sequences

Events & Pop-ups

Let your creativity run wild, as we are able to bring your unique campaigns to life.

VR & Immersion

Experience your store as you walk through the virtual space. Put yourself in your customers' shoes, so you can design the best experience possible.

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